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Remodeling your home or business has never been easier. Auvi Technology’s remodeling technology services in Atlanta, GA, deliver the perfect solution for network optimization, power management, audio and video distribution, and much more. If you're dreaming about setting up a professional home theater or outdoor entertainment center, we can do it. Ultimately, when it comes to building and remodeling your residential or commercial audio and video set up, our professional team of technological restructuring installers have the experience, skills, and capability to pre-wire, set up, and construct endless automated entertainment possibilities. From lighting control to centralized technological systems to installing the newest smart technologies, we have the knowledge to do so. Outfit your custom remodel with strategic, structured wiring to further protect your entertainment and connectivity options.

You’ve come to the right place for planning a whole residential or commercial AV system. We’re the leading professionals for remodeling technological services in Atlanta, GA, geared toward providing the best possible experience for our customers. We firmly believe that by offering the best products, solutions, and installations for every client, we create a unique, extraordinary experience from start to finish. Auvi Technology offers premium products tailored toward your technological restructuring specifications. With industry-recognized credentials, you’ll see the difference in our work versus competitors. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you have, and our team of professional installers will happily assist you. Then, schedule an appointment where we’ll provide a free quote and consult with you on your specific needs and expectations. There’s never a bad time, but act now to schedule services quickly. You can find any of our previous completed projects on various social media to see our work for yourself. Auvi Technology’s custom technological restructuring solutions is the perfect option for creating ideal home or business entertainment or networking opportunities.

Systems design is the process of using interfaces, modules, and data to satisfy your current system requirements. Sufficient system engineering and architecture perfects your systems design for your home or business. With our system design integration, you don’t need to worry about that any longer. Auvi Technology is the leading industry expert in remodeling technological system designs in Atlanta, GA. We diagnose and analyze your current system architecture then build off it to improve its data processing, hardware standardization, and software engineering. We also optimize your network’s architectural design, logical design, and physical design to meet the input/output requirements, storage, processing, and system control and backup specifications. Furthermore, Auvi Technology works with you on specific requirements with simple user interface design, data design, and process design to benchmark, test, and debug system requirements. Our goal is to standardize the behavior, structure, and performance of your hardware and software to improve your business’s operations. We conduct all the proper systems architecture and testing diagnostics to optimize your network capabilities.

At Auvi Technology, our remodeling technological system designs in Atlanta, GA, provide the perfect solution for your home or business remodel. The diagnostic requirements used to perfect your network and hardware specifications enable us to improve your residential or commercial networking. We also target distributed audio and video, lighting control, outdoor entertainment, power management, and new construction. See for yourself on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube platforms to see how we’ve helped local businesses improve their data operations. Otherwise, give us a call to schedule your appointment today. We’ll give you a free estimated quote tailored to your remodel specifications. Or read any of our top-rated reviews from previous clients and see our past projects. Our hardware and software interrelationships are the perfect solution for improving and securing your backchannel broadband capabilities.

Auvi Technology is the leading installation company in remodeling structured wiring in Atlanta, GA. With the experience, skills, and knowledge to handle your network optimization with ease, there’s no better alternative. Structured wiring is any wire used to carry signals between receivers. These wires provide the internet, TV, and phone signals from a consolidated point to the rest of the business. We also centralize phone jacks, TV jacks, and Ethernet cables to ensure optimal performance. Structured wiring consolidates wiring all throughout the building. Our distributed network distribution means no area suffers from poor service. Auvi Technology prides itself on maintaining a clean, stable environment for your home or business remodel. We ensure all lines stay protected, centralized, and strong. You’ll notice more efficient power management, network connectivity, and internet usage stay ready at fast speeds. That way if any issues occur, there is minimal impact to your home or business.

Part of our remodeling structured wiring in Atlanta, GA, is erecting the right enclosure. Fully connected TV, business automation, security, satellite feeds, audio and video systems, computers, phones, and Internet require the appropriate capabilities with devices and systems. Keeping all wires and cables in one consolidated location also means having one central wiring enclosure. As part of our remodeling structured wiring in Atlanta, GA, we’re happy to set that up for you. Trust us when we say that with over a decade of experience under our belt, we have the skills, knowledge, patience, and determination to set up your structured wiring system to optimize your network and power management. Schedule your appointment today to get started. We tailor every job to your specific needs or requirements, so please reach out with any questions. No job is too big or too small. See the work for yourself on any one of our social media profiles or read any of our top-ranking reviews.


  • Audio System Installers Canton


    Bring the big screen into the comforts of your own home. Relax, sit, and enjoy your favorite movie, television show, or video game with a home theater system installed by Auvi Technology.
  • Audio System Installers Canton


    Indulge your dominant senses with distributed audio and video. You don’t need to be in a movie theater to enjoy top-quality surround sound audio and visuals. Now, thanks to Auvi Technology’s home entertainment technology services in Atlanta, GA, you can enjoy high-quality music or video streams from the comfort of your home or business. It’s impossible not to see the difference compared to a factory-manufactured sound system.
  • Distributed Video Systems Canton


    Advanced routing capabilities to enhance your home automation experience to ensure no connectivity issues or audio lags.
  • Distributed Video Systems Canton


    Impress your guests with immersive audio and video throughout the entire outdoor entertainment space. From outdoor pools to bar areas to patios, we handle it all.
  • Distributed Video Systems Canton


    Protect your investment with robust battery backup and surge protection for extra assurance.
  • Home Automation Atlanta


    Accentuate your favorite rooms in the house with today’s top audio & video technologies
  • Home Automation Atlanta


    Control your shades and blinds with the touch of a button, or program them to a schedule that follows the astronomical clock
  • Home Automation Atlanta


    Indulge your dominant senses with distributed audio & video solutions that effortlessly disburse your media
  • Audio System Installers Canton


    Take control with advanced lighting control solutions. Our residential and commercial-based lighting systems ensure bright, illuminating spaces wherever and however you want them.