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Luxury home entertainment is not impossible to find if you know what to look for and what to expect. Fortunately for you, the wait is over. With Auvi Technology’s residential home technology services in Atlanta, GA, now you can have the ideal home entertainment system you’ve been waiting for. From top-quality audio and video to customizable lighting control and much more, you no longer need to dream about the type of home you want. Simply give us a call to schedule your appointment. Optimized to your lifestyle, Auvi Technology’s residential home technology services in Atlanta, GA, give you the residential space you’ve dreamed about. Incorporate the top technologies in audio, video, distribution, automation, lighting, surveillance, shading, and more to create the ideal living space. No project is too small or large; whether it’s mounting a new TV or automating your entire home with smart technologies, we can help.

Auvi Technology’s expert team has everything you need for perfect residential home technology services in Atlanta, GA, in home automation, home theater, audio and video distribution, lighting control, surveillance, and/or general consulting services. Because we strive for excellence, Auvi Technology is committed to providing the best experience for our customers. Our team of qualified individuals with years of technical experience offers the best products and solutions no matter the project. Still uncertain of your technological needs? Check out our portfolio of past projects, all with superior reviews because we only offer excellence. It doesn’t matter if it’s a remodel or brand-new living space, no project is too challenging for our experts. In fact, we want the challenge. We guarantee customer satisfaction because we care about your feedback. We believe in efficiency and customer satisfaction for every stage of the process. That’s why we create an unforgettable experience from beginning to end. Stop waiting and call now to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Home automation solutions provide easy access to your home entertainment experience with intuitive control options, including a customizable smartphone/tablet app, in-wall touch screen displays, or universal remotes. Access your home from anywhere in the world to activate lighting scenes or to simply check in on your house with the surveillance display. Auvi Technology’s residential home automation systems in Atlanta, GA, offer the best quality systems for your apartment, condo, or house at unbeatable prices. Home automation ensures complete control over electronics from the comfort of your couch or armchair. Ultimately, no matter where you are, you can access and control the electronics within. Brew coffee, turn on lights, and multitask with different tools and utilities with no hassle or extra expense. These controls connect to the internet, which allows for remote operation any time of the day. That means you can control the thermostat, refrigerator, lights, and other appliances without risking an increase in your energy bills.

There are three levels of residential home automation systems in Atlanta, GA, to consider for your home: 1) monitoring systems allow for remote-controlled surveillance and security; 2) control systems allow you to use appliances and tools from anywhere; and 3) automation system devices trigger another, like security cameras and alarms, for complete versatility. Auvi Technology’s home automation services guarantee remote access, comfort, energy efficiency, convenience, and security for your home. We offer plenty of service projects both large and small to optimize your living space. Setting up home theaters, whole audio systems, landscape audio, lighting, weatherproofing, or simply mounting TVs, we can do it all. Call us to schedule an appointment, and from there, we’ll send our team of licensed, experienced installers to your residence. Stop waiting and schedule your appointment today. You’ll see why our residential home automation systems in Atlanta, GA, consistently receive top-rated reviews. Enjoy professional-grade audio and video in your home with quick, efficient timing.

Auvi Technology offers exceptional residential audio and video systems in Atlanta, GA, so you can spruce up your apartment, condo, or house in a multitude of ways. We provide many different audio and video systems at affordable prices with professional, knowledgeable installation. For instance, if you’re looking for distributed audio and video, you’ve come to the right place. Auvi Technology can easily consolidate all your music, cable boxes, players, or other audio or video sources into one central location. From there, we’ll install speakers to distribute the music in the same room or throughout the entire house. By centralizing your audio and video sources, you won’t need bulky furniture, multiple electronics, and wiring spread around the house. Now, all your audio and video needs come through speakers or a wall-mounted TV, which we’re happy to install too! We even offer smart technology so you can control your audio and video from your smartphone or tablet without lags or connectivity issues.

That’s not all. Our residential audio and video systems in Atlanta, GA, guarantee broadband access anywhere in your home. We optimize your home’s power management and network capabilities to enhance your automation experience using today’s top technologies. Nor are our services limited to inside the house either. We can distribute your audio and video sources to the front and backyards for your social events or if you just want top-quality audio and video when doing yardwork or outdoor grilling. Whatever the reason, Auvi Technology is the company to do it. Call us today to schedule an appointment that works best for you. We’ll send a free quote and work with you based on your lifestyle and expectations. Our professional team has years of experience to transform your home into the audio and video center you’ve always dreamed about. Check us out on social media to see some of our past projects for yourself.

Auvi Technology’s residential home theater installations in Atlanta, GA, allows you to enjoy your favorite entertainment on a large screen in the comfort of your home. Home theaters are something to be proud of. They're in-house entertainment centers that incorporate audio and video systems to provide a movie theater-like experience for viewers. Using the best and latest audio and video technologies, we’ll set up your home theater in a private room or right in your backyard. Better yet, a home theater offers you greater convenience and comfort than traveling to a movie theater. Enjoy your favorite movies, television shows, anime, video games, or any other audio and visual entertainment from the privacy of your home. With the popularity of streaming video, you can spend all day in your home theater without feeling guilty. Call us for more information.

Additionally, with our residential home theater installations in Atlanta, GA, we optimize audio systems to provide amplified surround sound throughout the space. Our integrated audio and video systems ensure your home theater meets all up-to-date features and smart compatibility. Your space won’t be overcrowded with wires, electronics, or equipment boxes since we distribute your audio and video for optimal efficiency. Auvi Technology’s residential home theater installations in Atlanta, GA, install sound amplifiers, speaker systems, subwoofers, digital media receivers, video projectors, plasma displays, and all other audio and video systems to provide the best viewing and auditory experience possible. Call us today for a free quote and schedule an appointment to have our experienced team set up your new home theater. With years of experience under our belt, we’re confident you’ll be happy with our services. We prioritize customer satisfaction; just take a look at our social media to see our past completed projects that show off our hard work and the people we help. Check us out to see some for yourself!

Owning a home requires constant surveillance, but that’s almost impossible when you live an active lifestyle. While you might be tempted to get a guard dog or basic home surveillance network, our residential home security system installations in Atlanta, GA, ensures top-of-the-line security so you can live stress-free. Today, the rise of internet-capable devices has improved residential security in unforeseen ways. Smart technologies are easy to use, and with complete broadband network, families and homeowners can rest assured knowing these technologies protect them. For instance, smart systems can monitor, assess, and raise an alarm for certain maintenance repairs, like busted pipes, carbon monoxide leaks, or fires. Products today can automatically maintain through self-diagnostics, which connect to smart devices so you’re always aware.

Of course, another important and unforeseen part of home security is avoiding potential robberies. With Auvi Technology’s residential home security system installations in Atlanta, GA, you’ll feel safe and secure in your home no matter which neighborhood you live in. Younger and older adults can feel safe knowing their security systems communicate any potential issues. Our security systems connect to your smart devices so you can monitor any activity in your home while you’re away. You’ll receive real-time notifications from any alarms, and with 24-hour surveillance cameras, you can see whatever’s going on. We tailor all our security projects to your specific needs and lifestyles to optimize comfort, confidence, and safety. We even offer motorized shading so you can draw your blinds without having to move a finger. You can control these electronics all from your smart devices through a centralized in-house security system. Please call us with any questions or concerns and we’re happy to get back to you. Otherwise schedule your next appointment and you’ll receive a free consultation and quote per your desired specifications.

There are many ways to boost your home’s network capability, but Auvi Technology’s residential internet networking in Atlanta, GA, is the best way to have experienced professionals ensure enhanced home automation. Geared toward home Wi-Fi network optimization, we understand the importance of a fast broadband network. Whether you’re busy with work, gaming, or just want fast, reliable internet coverage throughout your home, we’ve got you covered. We set up home routers, Wi-Fi repeaters, powerline networks, update firmware, test diagnostics, update obsolete hardware, and secure your network against public use and more all to bring faster, more secure feedback for your residence. Auvi Technology understands to build and maintain IP networking in Atlanta, GA, requires persistence and up-to-date technologies, which is why we make it our mission to provide the best, most reliable internet coverage wherever you are.

Our residential internet networking in Atlanta, GA, scopes out the best high-speed internet services in your area. Then we use the best connection alternatives available, whether that’s DSL, cable, ISDN, BPL, or satellite. We’ll also diagnose your home network as a single router, dual-router, or mech network system to optimize your broadband automation. It’s important to point out that we don’t cut corners on network security either. With the newest technologies available, we’ll set up a network security system based on your administrator account where you can set up a username and password to privatize your internet network. Auvi Technology’s power management system also ensures robust battery backup and surge protection in case of inclement weather or power shortages for complete network optimization. Contact us today for more details. If you schedule an appointment with us, we’ll give you a free quote on your network project. We believe in running a transparent business, so check us out on social media to see any of our past projects along with our top-rated reviews from satisfied customers. Auvi Technology guarantees the best job to optimize your home to your budget and lifestyle.


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    Indulge your dominant senses with distributed audio and video. You don’t need to be in a movie theater to enjoy top-quality surround sound audio and visuals. Now, thanks to Auvi Technology’s home entertainment technology services in Atlanta, GA, you can enjoy high-quality music or video streams from the comfort of your home or business. It’s impossible not to see the difference compared to a factory-manufactured sound system.
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    Protect your investment with robust battery backup and surge protection for extra assurance.
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    Take control with advanced lighting control solutions. Our residential and commercial-based lighting systems ensure bright, illuminating spaces wherever and however you want them.